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Funciones de los voluntarios de enseñanza y tutoría

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Citizenship Teacher and Small Group Lead

Lead the civics or English lessons in our citizenship classes utilizing an established and proven curriculum curated by St. Mark's. It features the essential questions and materials needed for students to pass the citizenship test. Small group leaders work with up to three students during the class to help them review and practice lessons taught by the teachers. Training is provided. This is a 10 week commitment. This is a rewarding experience for anyone with a desire to help others. 

ESOL Small Group Lead

Works with up to three students to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, either in-person or online. All materials supplied by the instructors. Training is provided each semester by skilled and experienced teachers and tutors.

Writing Coach 

Work with students in a 1-1 setting online. Assist with helping students to work on their specific writing needs. Examples include writing resumes, cover letters, and emails. Students and coaches meet once a week based on their mutual availability. Coaches will also attend a weekly meeting with the program coordinator.

Computer Literacy@ Work Instructor and Assistant

Teaches students the foundational use of digital technology including email communications, safety and best practices when using the internet for browsing/online interactions, and finding employment. Programs held at several Boston Public Library locations and community organizations. 

Conversation Group Facilitator

Works with three to five students and facilitates group meetings in which intermediate/advanced adult English language learners practice English conversation.

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